Thank you for taking the time to consider our professional remodeling team for your upcoming home improvement project, whether it’s answering your questions or giving an estimate for a home custom remodeling service for your LA home that you’re interested in, we are more than happy to help you! Our world class remodeling experts have extensive experience in bringing modern kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms to life. We will happily showcase our project gallery for our customers.

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At Golden Hands Builders, our number one priority is to serve our customers with transparency and professionalism throughout each project we partake in. To ethically assist them with solving any problem they’re facing with an existing or upcoming home improvement service. We directly oversee all of our projects and don’t involve any subcontractors on any job, which drastically increases the success and satisfaction of our customers, while mitigating any potential problems that typically occur when involving outside contractors. These principles are the driving force of how we operate our business when no one is watching. These principles go hand and hand with the genuine passion and commitment we have for bringing a customers vision to life for their kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Whether it’s simply answering a question pertaining to kitchen or bathroom remodeling, communicating with a client regarding the current progress of their project or planning out the initial design concepts, we have the patience and expertise to assist you with any home remodel you can imagine.

A Message From The Owner of Golden Hands Builders

Hello LA!! My husband, Ohad and I have been in the construction industry working with LA homeowners on achieving their remodeling & design aspirations. Unfortunately, in that time, I have seen many contractors come and go for a variety of different reasons. But the premise of why they all leave remains the same. A lack of dedication and authenticity when serving their customers! They walk away because their heart isn’t truly in their work. I’ve seen unlicensed contractors. I’ve seen contractors that don’t take pride in their work. I’ve seen contractors that were only interested in making “quick money” by taking advantage of the naivety of homeowners, normally the elderly, that were susceptible to these unscrupulous business practices. And of course, I’ve seen contractors that rush the job to get a paycheck faster. This is all common in the industry, unfortunately. Seeing this occur time and time again, I sought out to do something differently. This is how Golden Hands Builders was founded. Within my family owned and operated business, that I’ve diligently built from the ground up with my husband, we stand behind all of our work and emphasize project completion to the standards of the customer. We partner with the homeowner to produce the most high end, professional results for their investment, work within a budget, maintain a deadline for completion and most importantly, I remain available to answer all questions and concerns as a committed, forward thinking owner of the company that’s dedicated to ethically serving homeowners in the Los Angeles and surrounding communities.