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The landscape is softened and made more beautiful by bushes, grasses, trees, and flowers, while the area’s solidity and longevity are guaranteed by the hardscaping. The quality of the hardscaping components must therefore be carefully taken into account. These must be built using the best materials by California’s top contractor, Golden Hands Builders. In addition to hardscape building, our company has been in business for a long time and provides a wide range of services.

Hardscaping features that are strong and long-lasting can only be built by the best contractor. However, what makes a contractor “the best”? That guy ought to be qualified. Additionally, one needs to have enough experience to be regarded as an expert. The fundamentals and principles of building cannot be learned through rote memorization of classroom lectures. You need hands-on experience to be an expert.
A hardscaping project’s overall excellence is also determined by the caliber of the materials employed. To achieve the degree of perfection we want, we only use the best products currently on the market. Nothing should be left to chance, please. Our staff can only guarantee and ensure quality with the aid of top-notch materials.
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Landscape Design & Installation

An average house can be transformed into a great personal statement with a well-designed landscape, which not only enhances the attractiveness of your home but also raises its value. Because a landscape design can go in so many different directions, it’s important to get lots of feedback from the client on things like style, plant preferences, usage, and maintenance needs. We’ll discuss all of your options and choices with you while you’re seated. We’ll then create a design based on the best use of your property, your design preferences, and your lifestyle needs. We make changes to your property once a design is chosen.
When the weather heats up, there is nothing better than relaxing outside. With Golden Hands Builders, you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams for you and your family to enjoy. To assist you in realizing your landscaping vision in California, we provide a wide variety of distinctive designs. Whether you want to create a garden, build drainage systems, or whatever in between, the knowledgeable landscape designers at Wheat’s Landscape can assist you in developing and carrying out your outdoor space goals. Our multifaceted team of landscape architects, designers, certified horticulturists, skilled project managers, and knowledgeable artisans tackle every landscaping assignment with professionalism and kindness.
We offer individualized customer service and design, carefully considering each step along the way. Whether it’s a master plan for a large-scale property or a precise layout for a small garden, our talented design staff will work closely with you to create a distinctive style especially fitted to your idea. We take pleasure in creating tasteful outdoor areas that harmonize with the design of your house and obfuscate the line between home and garden. You may relax knowing that our landscape architects will build a landscape that lives up to your standards.
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