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Golden Hands Builders provides whole-home remodeling services along with designing and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. With personalized plans and designs based on your dream for your home, our whole-home renovations provide the most beautiful homes in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Woodland Hills & Surrounding areas. Golden Hands Builders is a Certified Residential Building Contractor who can make your dream house a reality.

We can show you what’s feasible (perhaps much more than you think!) to build the ideal “new” remodeled home for you, whether you recently bought a “fixer-upper” or you’ve been living in your home for years. It might be intimidating to renovate a home, but Golden Hands Builders can handle the project from beginning to end while allowing you to be as engaged as you like. In addition to the final product, a gorgeously renovated home, we also pay attention to how you feel throughout the renovation process. We constantly have your comfort and satisfaction in mind, and we make a lot of effort to make sure that the renovation process is as enjoyable for you as the final product.
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True Transparency in Home Design

Since California is a populous and expanding state, construction standards, trends, and practices frequently change. Golden Hands Builders is a group of general contractors that is locally owned and run. We stay current on local building regulations, laws, architectural trends, and much more as members of this community. From the beginning of the project through its completion, this information is used to help save our clients’ time and money and to guarantee that they are making wise improvements that increase the usefulness, aesthetic appeal, and value of their houses.
Few activities have the same profound effect on a family as house remodeling. A well-done makeover increases a home’s utility and flow while also boosting its aesthetic appeal and financial value. Professional general contractor Golden Hands Builders specializes in high-end house remodels. We offer the knowledge, ability, and openness required to complete any project, whether it be upgrading the bathroom in your Canoga Park house, expanding the size of your Los Angeles estate, or remodeling the kitchen in your Orange County cottage.
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